A Few Red Flags With The “Crypto Crew University”

A Few Red Flags With The

The website Cryptocurrency University claims to provide an online education for those who are interested in trading currencies. However, upon further investigation, it seems that this is just a marketing scam that does not have the credibility of a reputable institution. Compounded by the fact that each purported customer review is making big gains, there does not appear to be any objective analysis on the site. Even with no partners listed or where CEO Courtney has garnered all of his trading expertise, many are still apprehensive about Cryptocurrency University. Let us see what others think.

The goal of any educational institution, whether online or offline, is to teach students something. If the goal is to teach students how to commit fraud and other financial crimes, then they are committing a fraud crime themselves. One way to ensure this happens is to make sure that a website does not offer classes that are aimed at the beginner or two different levels of experience. It is unlikely that Cryptocurrency University offers classes for the beginner or two different levels because anyone that has even small amounts of experience on Forex trading knows that these markets move very quickly.

One of the first things that a potential scam will say is that they have a no refund policy. If you look closely at the offer on the site, you can tell right away that this is a scam. At the bottom of the page, they do offer a full 100% money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied. Even the red flag at the top of the page does not include a money back guarantee because they require users to join their “teams”. This implies that they have teams, but they do not guarantee your success.

Another problem that the “Crypto crew university” has is that it does not offer any information about the intermediate or beginner stages. If you are new to the markets, you would want to know what stages are important and what you need to know before you go forward. This is the only part of the program that they give you a money back guarantee. Even the “intermediate” stage is not offered a refund policy, which suggests that someone at least holds the idea that you might not be a good trader after all.

The “crypto crew university” has several different levels of training that they offer and many people find it hard to believe that they have levels of training. They offer beginner series for free. This might be okay for many people who are just starting out, but what about someone who has been in the markets for several years? There are three levels of courses that are offered through this program: novice, intermediate, and advanced.

The “crypto crew university” uses YouTube as their main marketing tool and they have also used Facebook, Twitter, and a few other social media sites. I suppose if they were going to use YouTube, they could at least have some video content to show people who are considering joining their program. When you watch one of their videos, what is the main message that they are trying to get across? The video on YouTube is probably not going to help you learn how to really become successful as a trader.

When you sign up for the “crypto crew university” you are going to need to pay about twenty dollars for six months of training that will cover all of the material that is taught throughout the six courses. While this seems like a lot of money, when you look at the materials that are taught throughout the six courses, you will see that there are a lot of things covered that you can apply to your trading experience. Many people who have paid the fees have found out that the material that is taught is very useful and many people who started with this program have gone on to become very successful traders.

One thing that the “crypto crew university” did that the others do not is to provide a full refund policy. Although there is a red flag with regards to this and the refund policy is not always available, I highly recommend it. You want to make sure that if something does not work out the way that you hoped that you can receive a refund. There have been situations where the individuals who have received these training programs have not been happy with the results and so having a full refund policy is important.

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