Does Your Child Have ADHD?

Does Your Child Have ADHD?

Does your child have ADHD? Is your child inattentive and impulsive to everything that you tell him or her? Does your child’s restlessness constantly seem to above and beyond what others his or hers age normally exhibit? If yes, then you might want to seriously ask your Jacksonville doctor, Dr. Zaid Seghari.

According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, almost 30% of children have at least one ADHD symptom. The behavior problems that often come with untreated ADHD can be disruptive and frustrating to a child, his family and the teacher who are trying to teach. A child with ADHD is not able to concentrate on a task and becomes easily distracted. Inattention and fidgeting often accompany the problem.

Does your child have ADHD? Does he or she suffer from the inattention type? Children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADD have a hard time paying attention, focusing on one task for long periods of time and maintaining focused attention. Children with this problem often become restless when things do not go their way. Many times, they do not have an interest in playing with others, going to school or having social skills. Some become defiant and will become violent when they do not get their way.

Does your child have ADHD? Most of us know that attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD is a neurological disorder. Hyperactivity is defined as an inability to stay seated and walking for long periods of time. The most common symptoms are constantly moving, talking, fidgeting and acting without thought. Other common symptoms include daydreaming, distractibility and difficulty controlling movements while awake.

Does your child have ADHD? Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is usually diagnosed during childhood. However, there are cases where untreated ADHD symptoms were observed in the toddler years. Unfortunately, there are no effective antidepressant medications yet and these children are labeled as slow learners and have problems with learning. The slow learner will have problems with completing tasks and academic performance. As mentioned above, most of these kids are labeled as daydreamers and have social skills issues.

Does your child have ADHD? Children can be perfectly healthy. They have just got problems associated with ADHD and as long as these problems are not recognized and treated, there is a big possibility that they can carry these problems well into adulthood, hampering their performance in school as well as other activities.

Does your child have ADHD? A lot of parents get confused with their child’s lack of concentration and hyperactivity. But aside from that, children with ADHD usually get poor grades in school as well as behavioral problems. They are more likely to suffer from anger and other social disorders. Children with ADHD are usually also diagnosed with other illnesses such as allergies or cystic fibrosis.

Does your child have ADHD? If your child has these symptoms, it is highly advisable to get a thorough examination by a specialist. You should also get information about the specific symptoms that your child exhibits so you will know for sure if your child has this condition. This way, you will be able to address the problem accordingly. There are also treatments available for this condition.

Does your child have ADHD? Experts say that children who exhibit the symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can get proper treatment. Aside from proper diagnosis and medication, these children should also get support and help from their peers. This way, their symptoms will be addressed and they will also be provided with structure and boundaries.

Does your child have ADHD? The symptoms of ADHD can also manifest during childhood. When children exhibit increased inattention, a short attention span and hyperactivity, they may also tend to have tantrums and become argumentative. Children with ADHD may also get into trouble with their classmates and lose their friends easily. As mentioned earlier, this disorder can affect their academic performance as well as behavioral problems. Children suffering from ADHD must be given extra attention and must be treated appropriately.

Does your child have ADHD? Unfortunately, many people do not know that their child has ADHD and some may even think that he has other disorders such as cancer or asthma. Some parents are too focused on their careers and forget to pay attention to their children. If you suspect that your child has ADHD, it is important to get him diagnosed right away. Remember that children with ADHD need extra care and attention so you should be responsible enough to find a good doctor to help treat his ADHD symptoms.