Everything You Need To Know About Buying A Tipper Trailer

Everything You Need To Know About Buying A Tipper Trailer
source: variant-trailers.com.au

If you have been into the on-site business, you will understand how daunting it is to transport raw materials from the manufacturer to the site or switch things between sites. Probing deeper, finding the right trailer that is compatible with your truck can seem like a downhill task. Amidst the different trailer types, tipper trailers work the best for transportation. It is compatible and gets attached or pulled by most other vehicles. However, when you are buying a tipper trailer for sale, it is super important to look out for some significant aspects.

Things to remember while buying a tipper trailer

There are over 360,000 businesses in the construction industry in Australia, says a report from 2019. If this is your first tipper trailer for your construction site, landing on the right trailer can be arduous. However, you need to know a few concepts and understand them to distinguish between the types. Here is a list of things to remember and some pro tips to follow during a buy,

  1. Start with knowing the types

With tipper trailers, you only have two major types. Firstly, hydraulic tippers are remarkably sturdy and come a long way in heavy lifting. It best suits when you have to lift and carry things that are too heavy for an operator to move and control. All you have to do is dump your materials into the tipper and you can get the rest done via remote control.

Secondly, you will find electric tipper trailers. They can best handle and carry lightweight materials. Further, you might find one-way and three-way tippers. The three-way tipper allows tipping from the sides and rear of the body.

  1. Check the capacity

Undeniably, you will have to look out for a trailer’s capacity to recognize that it can meet your needs. However, understand that you will need trailers that are lightweight themselves but have a higher payload capacity. It’s because when you go with heavier trailers, the operation can become quite tricky and you will have to compromise on your load and minimize it. So, the thumb rule is to pick trailers that have lesser tare weight and a better capacity.

Another reason why you will have to pick lightweight trailers is that you can save on fuel costs. Yes, trailers with lesser tare weight leave a better fuel efficiency on your vehicle. While buying a tipper trailer for sale, always consider buying one with a loading bearing capacity that is at least twice its tare weight.

  1. Watch out for the material

Since tipper trailers are highly functional, those with simply a painted coating can lose their layers in no time. So, when you are buying a tipper, always ensure that it is made out of high-quality materials and does not rust quickly. To begin with, check for the base material. It’s because it comes directly in contact with your things when dumped. So you will need a base made out of scratch-resistant material like galvanized steel, etc.

  1. Have an eye for the details

If this is your first trailer tipper, you might not know its parts and other features in-depth. Start by checking for the jockey wheel. You can find one at the hooking end of the trailer. The jockey wheel is essential when you want to balance the trailer before it gets connected to the truck. Next, you will have to check the axles. Remember, if your trailer is huge, more should be the axles. Other features to look out for are brakes, spare wheels, insurance coverage, etc.