Purchase a Daybed for Your Bedroom Online

Purchase a Daybed for Your Bedroom Online
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Do you have guests coming to stay over, but you don’t have a spare room? Or, if you have a guestroom, is the space limited and you can’t fit both a bed and seating? Then a daybed is a solution to your problems. It offers a seating and sleeping area for visitors while adding style to the room. If you are not sure what a daybed is, don’t worry, we’ll explain it all in this article.

Daybeds are versatile pieces of furniture and are found in bedrooms, guest rooms, dens, living rooms, and office spaces. They function as seating and additional space for sleeping when necessary. If you need even more space for sleep, you can add a trundle to the piece. It sits under the daybed’s frame, and you can roll it out when needed. Place a mattress in it, throw some bedding on top, and voila! You’ve got another bed.

Daybeds are usually twin-sized beds, although you can find them in larger sizes. However, keep in mind that if you plan to use it as a sofa, the full or queen-sized daybed won’t work. 

Are you wondering what kind of support is provided for the mattress? You’ll find two options, with link springs being the most common. They are metal grid-like structures made up of springs that replace the need for a box spring. The second support system is made of wooden slats attached to the frame’s front and back rails. Find a daybed bedroom to purchase online, and you won’t be disappointed.

There are two types of trundles to look for in your daybed. The drawer trundle rolls out and remains at the floor level. A pop-up trundle can be lifted to align with the daybed mattress, turning a twin bed into a king-sized one built for two. This is perfect for couples who stay overnight.

Be sure to check the weight requirements on the beds before purchasing them. You want to be sure your guests will not only be comfortable but that they won’t hurt themselves or damage the bed. 

The mattress and bedding you choose are important to completing the daybed’s look and feel. Here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting a mattress. First, it should be a medium-firm to allow enough support when used as seating. It will still be soft enough to provide a nice cushion when used for sleeping.

A low-profile mattress works best with daybeds. You don’t want one that’s so thick you cannot see the back or it sits higher than the arms. When you place the mattress on the bed, don’t be alarmed by the gap on the sides of the bed. You bought the right-sized mattress; the gaps are there to make applying the bedding easier. 

Dress the bed in quality sheets, decorative shams, and skirts if available. Prints and patterns that complement the existing color scheme will help the piece stand out and breathe life into the space.