Sexiest Asian Women Jennifer Winget

Sexiest Asian Women Jennifer Winget

Jennifer Winget has been a major force in British Indian television ever since her illustrious first appearance on the screen in the hit sitcom ‘Muvani’. On the small work front, Jennifer Winget has been spotted together with Hapur Sunita before in Bep Hannah alongside Harshad Chopra. She is also remembered fondly as Riddhima in Dill Mill Gaylord as her chemistry with Karan Singh is still rolling in just behind her. She also recently landed herself a role in the second season of Iyanla and has since bagged herself several additional roles in different popular television programs. In this article, we take a brief glimpse at what is next for Winget.

Well, it seems that Jennifer Winget’s days in Bep have come to an end. Earlier this month, it was reported by Variety that the actress will be seen in the upcoming third installment of the fantasy crime drama, Sarvinder Occupational or the much-awaited Mabuse series on Colors. The report states that the character that would debut in the third outing of the crime series will be played by Jodha Swayam. Previously, Jodha had appeared in the first episode of the show.

This is not the first time that Jennifer Winget has reunited with her former Bep buddy Swayam. In fact, they were in an all-star ensemble in the much-talked-about movie M: War scenes. In the film, Winget played the role of Officer Ashok, while Swayam played the role of Major Jasmine. They were part of a team that worked alongside the police in Mumbai to crack a serial killer case that resulted in one of the most notorious crimes in history.

There is no doubt that Jennifer Winget has had great success as a performer in the late 90s. However, it seems that she has finally hit the big time, in a big way, in the current season of Indian television. The same applies to Mehra, as she too has finally been given a prime time slot in the prime time schedule of most of the top channels in India. It is rare to see an actress such as Jennifer who has made a foray into the world of broadcast. It is quite common to see actresses in Bollywood such as Sushmita Sen partnering with an actor such as Shobirishnu Saharan to produce a TV series, but rarely would you find actresses like Jennifer and Mehrutizha along with a leading actor such as Swayam.

The news of Jennifer Winget and Mehrutizha’s romantic relationship got a lot of eyeballs in the Indian web media on both the Sunday evening as well as the Tuesday morning hours. This is probably because both these actresses are popular faces on the Hindi television scene. It also is because they happened to star in very well-known Hindi movies such as Mankatha, Apne, Bhai Dooj, etc. That coupled with their recent film roles, have made them household names and has increased their market value. It is not wrong to compare the acting prowess of these actresses with that of their peers and contemporaries such as Ajit Pai and Sharukh khan, but comparing their careers is not apt since they are well-established actors in their own right.

The relationship of these two actresses with Sharukh Khan and Rajinikanth was somewhat mysterious when it first developed. It was because of this mystery that many did not understand what exactly the relationship was all about. When it became clear that the relationship was between two popular Hindi actresses, the news of their romantic ties with Shah Rukh Khan and Ajit Pai spread like wildfire. When news of their relationship reached the American public, everyone was in a flap.

A major portion of the audience that was interested in the story was the American viewers who were not quite aware or knowledgeable about the pet dog relationship. What these two actresses had was amazing chemistry and it ended up becoming a love story that was rated as one of the best Asian films of all time. It may have been because of the chemistry which the two actors share or it may have been because of the charismatic characters that they play. Whatever the case is, it ended up being a very touching and charming story about a pet dog and a beautiful east Indian lady. It may be because of the exotic looks of Jennifer Winget and her sexy and sensuous personality but even if it was just her acting skills, it was considered to be one of the sexiest Asian women by almost everyone who saw the movie.

Now, this is a question for all those people who are eagerly waiting for the next installment of “Ishq”, “The Dogs” and other projects which Jennifer Winget is in. Will she disappoint the fans? I am pretty sure that she won’t. Her recent performances have made all the critics and audience go back home with high praises. Apart from her heart-throbbing role as Rana in “The Dogfather”, Jennifer has also been cast in several upcoming Hollywood movies like “Kung Fu Panda” and “Xperia S”, “Singh Grover”, “The Fantastic Mr. Fox” and many more. So, the world will always have great times by watching what Jennifer Winget does next.