Top 8 Games in India

Top 8 Games in India

The top 8 Games in India have many names by which they are known. However, most of them are still playing from their home, so probably it is never too late to make a list of your favorite games, which you could play on your smartphones. So, let’s take a quick look at these games. In this article, we will not only list the names but also give an overview of the game itself and where you can find the download links.


This is a well-known trick-taking card game that can also be played on your smartphones. If you are fond of playing games on your smartphones then the download for this one should not be too difficult. The first step is to find the company offering this free download of the top 10 games in India.

However, before doing that you need to know that these downloads are not supported on smartphones. There are numerous other companies offering the same top 10 games for download on your smartphone. However, most of them do not provide an option for mobile gaming. So you need to be very careful while choosing these games. There are several sites that offer free downloads of these games. However, this option is rarely available.

Mobile Warfare

This is no doubt an excellent game. Mobile warfare in its free form can be played on smartphones. However, this game is now banned in India due to several complaints received from users.

The puzzle game

This was also available on mobiles. This particular game was loved by many Indian gamers. This was later on the bale to be supported on smartphones. However, this did not make it very popular among Indian gamers.

Temple Run: Rise of Temples

Is an interesting game on android. This one gave the name of being addictive. The game has you running around as part of a temple staff chasing after players who have set the temple on fire. The only way to clear the levels is by killing as many players as you can and you get points every time you do. The score also increases with every kill.

Subway Surfers

This app basically gives you the same gameplay of Temple run: Rise of Temples, just on a smaller scale. You have to guide five little subway surfers through the subway tunnels until they reach the end of the tunnel. The whole point of playing this game is to save the little people that you come across on the way.


Players control a group of Indians playing carrom against the computer or another player. The object of the game is to eliminate the other players by hitting them from the side of the screen using the carrom stick. A single hit can drop one player to the next. This is one of the more challenging games on mobiles. It was ranked in the top 10 games in India and is downloaded quite often by users.

Baddha Solitaire

In this game, a group of villagers all trying to achieve happiness stand on a square-shaped board. They must hit the other players with the ball so as to gain happiness points. The players get time intervals to earn more happiness points. Like Temple Run and Subway Surfers, this game is played on 3D solids.

Ludo King

This is quite similar to the classic game of Risk. It involves rolling a die and trying to hit the ludo king. The objective is to hit the ludo king without letting any of your opponents hit it. It is quite an easy game and is loved by many.


The most downloaded and top 10 games in India have augmented versions of traditional games. The new games that are in demand among us are the ones like Temple Run, Go Fish and Ludo King. These games have managed to make these apps highly entertaining and addictive. Happy mobile gaming!