Top Cars in India – A Guide to Choose the Best Vehicle

Top 10 Cars in India - A Guide to Choose the Best Vehicle

There are a number of cars that rank high on the list of top 10 cars in India. Indian cars have always had a special place in the hearts of several people across the world, for the sheer elegance and superiority they represent. The cars here are the result of thorough technological advancements that are incorporated into the designs and production of these cars. This article gives you an insight into what the top ten cars in India are.

The new Nissan Quest is considered the most luxurious car in the market. It is the first car from the brand that has the capability to compete with the top 10 cars in India. It comes with advanced technology that can not be found in any other vehicle in the market today. A stylishly designed interior and a five-seater all together make it a great automobile in the country’s top 10 cars in India list.

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The Toyota Celica

Was previously known as Celica but after the introduction of the second version, it was re-called Celica PT, which stands for a sport utility vehicle. It has all the qualities of a top ten car in India – a powerful engine, good handling, roomy interiors, excellent fuel efficiency, low price, and comprehensive service, which make it a perfect automobile for anyone who desires to drive in style. The diesel-fuelled version of the Celica also has some excellent features like twin-pipe exhausts, front and rear bumpers, dual-tone grille, fog light, and so on.

The Honda FCX

This is another example of a powerful car that can also perform excellently in the list of top 10 cars in India. The FCX series is powered by a gasoline engine backed up by powerful diesel fuel. Like the Nissan Quest, the FCX is a sport utility vehicle with all the modern-day conveniences – a superb seating capacity, air conditioning, CD/DVD player, LCD screen, wireless internet, and so on. The diesel-powered variant of the Honda FCX is considerably cheaper than its gasoline equivalent, making it a very popular choice among youth and students. It performs well in both the braking and acceleration tests and also has good fuel economy.

The Maruti 800

A small two-wheeler that has all the modern-day conveniences. One of the top 10 cars in India, the Maruti 800 is powered by a 1.6-liter petrol engine that consumes a reasonably heavy amount of fuel. Maruti claims to have improved the fuel efficiency of its vehicles in comparison to those of other brands of cars in India. The eight-wheeler Maruti 800 comes with six gearboxes, four doors, and a lot of storage space under the bed. The auto parts of the car are so well built that it is easy to handle and corner for parking.

The Yamaha Razz Car

A popular model for kids, the razz car petrol version is an economical pick for kids as well as adults. Although the fuel economy of the Yamaha razz car is not the best, it is one of the safest cars on the Indian roads thanks to its powerful diesel engine.

The Hatchback Segment

The hatchback segment of the car includes cars like the hatchback saloon and the hatchback van. These three varieties of hatchback cars provide good opportunities for the Indians to choose their own style of auto. The auto parts of these vehicles can be easily found and the cost of maintenance is low. The auto k Widening segment of the kwid is the fastest-growing segment of the kwid market in India with more people opting for kwid insides as compared to the older models of kwid.

The Honda

With a new design and a host of new features added to the already successful Honda brand, the new Honda city car has made heads turn in the automobile industry of India. The city car models of Honda have received tremendous response and popularity from the first day of their launch. One can buy the top-end models of the Honda with just a click of a button from our website. The dealers and the agents dealing in the models of the Honda hatchback are licensed by us. Click the links to check out the complete range of the Honda hatchbacks in India.

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