What to Do for Fun in DC

What to Do for Fun in DC

Washington, DC. is one of the top tourist attractions in the country because of its position as the nation’s capital.  Although it’s packed with monuments, landmarks, and important historical sites, many aren’t sure what to do once they arrive in the city.

These are the top attractions DC has to offer, be sure to try a couple of these while you’re in town!

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National Gallery of Art

The National Gallery of Art is a massive gallery with a sculpture garden that’s completely free to visit and popular with tourists.  Starting in 1937, this collection follows the beginning of western art in the middle ages to present-day art.

Not only is it home to the only painting by Leonardo da Vinci in North America, but it also has endless artists that have made important cultural influences yet aren’t as widely known as da Vinci.  

National Mall Walk

The national mall is a circular route that has countless important landmarks and sights along the way.  Although it can be a long trek for anyone who isn’t prepared for it, this walk has almost every view you’d want to see while in DC on it.

Walking along beautiful water, you can enjoy seeing monuments that are usually only seen in photographs or movies and take in a bit of the history that’s made this area so interesting and politically and culturally vital to the nation.

Potomac Kayak Tour

Going on the same old tours can get boring after a while!  Consider taking a kayak tour if you’re tired of walking through older buildings and hearing the same stories!

In addition to getting a nice workout by paddling around the city, but you’ll also get to hear entertaining stories about the people who have lived in this area and what scandals have unfolded over the last two hundred years.  It’s a fun and interesting tour that allows you to see the city from a new perspective.

Vintage Shopping

If you love a good vintage piece and some gorgeous older architecture, it might be a good idea to stop in at Adams Morgan!  This area is covered in beautiful vintage boutiques that lean into the classic the late 1800s look!

You can find anything here, from gorgeous vintage minidresses to paintings made by local artists. While it’s absolutely a part of town that you should visit, be warned: you may end up falling in love to the point where you find yourself scouring the area for nearby Washington, DC, houses for sale so you can come back again and again.

Tour the White House

As the official residence of the President of the United States of America, the White House is pretty much a must-stop for everyone.  Due to Covid-19, tours are currently suspended (as of 2021), but there are promises that they will reopen soon.  Tours walk you through the halls of this building and show you everything from art to where important figureheads have spent their day-to-day lives.

Washington, DC, is more than just politics and museums!  Visit today and see how fun and interesting this city can be.